The importance of early detection for Breast Cancer

With October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, all of the pink keeps the realness of breast cancer in the forefront of our minds. However, breast cancer also happens the other 11 months of the year. It’s just very easy to forget once all the pink goes away.

Let’s take advantage of this important month and what it brings!

Why is early detection important?

13 years ago, I missed my mammogram appointment and didn’t think anything of it. I always depended on that reminder card to come in the mail. Luckily, I performed self-examinations and found my first cancer spot myself. I am living proof that early detection is the key to fighting this disease head on – the earlier you know, the earlier the stage of cancer. The hope is that early detection leads to the best-case scenario for treatment.

If you aren’t familiar with my story, I’ve shared what it was like to go through the process and how my mission for early detection has been my drive ever since!

Mammogram screening

Having been in the cancer community now for 13 years, I have learned so much about breast cancer and so many other types of cancer that I never even knew existed prior to my diagnosis.

Having had a bilateral mastectomy, I don’t have a need for mammograms anymore. But, a lot of my family and friends do. Many women I know dread going to the doctor for their mammogram screening. And as a female, I know it’s not fun but I beg them to go because I know how important it is.

In an effort to make this a less dreaded experience for the ones I love, I researched alternatives and found an easier, pain-free approach.

An alternative option for mammograms

Every woman is familiar with mammograms. As early as 35-40 years old, women are encouraged to get them annually as preventative care. And it’s something most women aren’t excited to do and sometimes will even put off because it’s not exactly the most comfortable experience.

So, what other options are available?

Thermography screening

Thermography is a form of digital imaging that shows infrared patterns in the body and can find early signs of breast disease. This type of imaging is not only painless but it is very accurate and better for the breast tissue.

As a survivor of this very common disease, I constantly worry about the females in my family. To learn more about this process, I sent my sister to have this imaging done and it was a win! She said the thermography screening was so much better than the painful mammograms we are used to. There’s truly no trauma involved.

The Balanced Body Center in Matthews, NC is where I first found about thermography. I encourage everyone to check it out and there’s no better time than this month. They are offering a special throughout the month of October in hopes to save many lives.

Every year during Breast Cancer Awareness month, I spend extra time and energy on this platform right in front of me, encouraging people to get screened. There’s always someone that catches this dreaded disease early enough to have a best-case scenario. And that’s why I am continually motivated to do what I do. It makes a difference. Early detection is the difference.

I dream daily that cancer will completely disappear one day. Until then, let’s continue to fight the good fight and find it early!

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