Baxter Summer Session Classes

Summer Sessions will be returning Summer 2020!

Summer Session classes are once-per-week classes that run for 4 weeks during the summer!


We are excited for the return of our Summer Session Classes for Summer 2020!

  • Summer Session classes run for 4 weeks and will offer dancers a classroom setting during the summer months
  • Summer Session 1: TBA
  • Summer Session 2: TBA
  • Summer Sessions are a great way for your dancer to try a class for the first time, or to continue developing their skills between dance seasons!

Baxter Village Summer Session Classes

Summer 2020 TBA



We will offer three separate age groups of Combo Classes during Summer Sessions:

2.5-3.5 Combo, 3.5-4.5 Combo (45 minute class)
This class teaches the fundamentals of tap and ballet. Students will begin with tap and finish with ballet. Students should arrive in class with tap shoes on. Teachers will assist young dancers with shoe changes.

Ages 3-6 years (30 minute class)
This class teaches the basics of floor tumbling including forward rolls, back bends, cartwheels and fundamental acrobatic strengthening and coordinating skills.


Class Time Per Week Tuition Per Month
30 minutes $65
45 minutes $71
1 hour $76
1 1/4 hour $81
1 1/2 hour 84.75
1 3/4 hour $88.50
2 hours $92.25
2 1/4 hour $96
2 1/2 hour $99.75
2 3/4 hour $103.50
3 hours $107.25

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