5 Ways to Give to Others During the Holiday Season

There’s something absolutely magical about the holiday season. Without even realizing it, people are happier, more kind, more grateful, and in the giving spirit. It’s the best time of the year! Especially for someone like me, who’s love language is acts of service. There’s nothing like witnessing someone’s excitement when you do something special for them. And while this is something I enjoy all year long, it’s even more exciting during the holiday season.

What are love languages?

My minister once gave me a book called the 5 Love Languages years ago and it was the most important book of my adult life. This book teaches you about the five basic love languages, which is how you give and receive love:

  1. Words of affirmation
  2. Acts of service
  3. Receiving gifts
  4. Quality time
  5. Physical touch

Now, when reading the book I noticed that I had a little bit of all five languages, which may also be the case for you. Typically there will be one or two that are very strong and it’s easy to take the quick quiz and find out what your dominant love language is.

Since my main love language is service, I feel love and I show love by doing things for other people. I get an absolute high off of doing service work and knowing that I’m impacting someone’s life. I’m sure I got this from my paternal grandfather who demonstrated this daily – it was such a gift.

How to give to others during the holidays

With life being different in 2020, you may feel too strained to give material gifts but, there’s so many ways to give the year.

1. Volunteer your time

The most valuable thing we have as humans is time. Volunteering is just as important, if not more important, than giving a physical gift. Whether it’s a charity or organization you volunteer for every year or a new one that you are excited to get involved with, there are plenty of opportunities out there! What a great opportunity to get the whole family involved.

2. Donate items to service projects

Here at Miller Street Dance Academy, we always have numerous service projects going on. It’s really easy to see what wish list items are needed for current projects and drop off donations at either location. A lot of times, the projects are asking for new or gently used items you can find around your house.

3. Give the gift of experience

For a young child, experiences are something they always remember. The most exciting days stick out in the memory for the rest of their lives. Why not give the gift of experience?

As we approach this time of year our money is tight and delivery drivers are exhausted, let’s think out of the box. Maybe for every gift that you give your child let the next one be an experience. Whether it’s a special family day trip or a gift certificate to their favorite camp, the experience itself is priceless.

Here at Miller Street, we always do camp under the tree. Each year, we have a winter themed camp and we provide a wrapped gift for the camp so that your dancer has something to open on Christmas morning. The wrapped gift is a small token but the best part is them getting to spend a few days at the dance studio right after Christmas dancing and enjoying time with their friends.

4. Sponsor a family in need

Now more than ever there are families around us who are in need, right in our local community. Through various avenues, there are ways to sponsor families or children to ensure they have a joyous holiday season like us. Think angel tree, Operation Christmas Child, and much more!

If you have the ability to bless others, why not – right?

5. Pay it forward to a stranger

One of my absolute favorite ways to show an act of service is to pay it forward and bless a complete stranger. Someone who may or may not need to experience kindness that is totally unwarranted and a sure way to make someone smile. My hope when I pay it forward to someone is that it becomes a chain reaction that just keeps on going.

Let’s work together to make this holiday season the one we need the most!

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