How to keep dancing safely during unprecedented times

Safety is the #1 thing on everyone’s mind now more than ever. Everywhere you go (if you can go), everything looks a lot different and has for most of 2020. But, that doesn’t mean extracurricular activities like dance classes have to stop completely. There are many ways that dance studios are keeping their dancers safe, despite COVID-19.

And let’s face it, these kids need this and so do we!

5 tips for dancing safely during COVID-19

Every town, city, county, and state are in different places with restrictions in place as we try to slow down COVID-19, especially as we head into flu season. Here are some tips on what has worked for us at Miller Street Dance Academy as we continue to do what we do best – DANCE! And dance safely!

1. Virtual and in-person classes

Everyone is in a different place with their comfort level of being in public due to their health and personal limitations, the health of family members, or just pure caution. And that is okay! Offering options for families to choose what works best for them is the best way to accommodate people in the best way possible.

By now, everyone feels like a Zoom expert so having a virtual option, as well as an in-person option, truly gives everyone the best of both worlds while also giving everyone peace of mind.

2. Check-in station

Having a check-in station in front of the dance studio allows us to ensure that we have a signed waiver for every dancer as well as a temperature check for all dancers and staff before they can enter the building. With the check-in station staffed according to the class schedule, check-in is quick and efficient.

At this time, dancers are dropped off at the check-in station by their parent or guardian. This allows for less people in the building at one time allowing us to keep occupancy at a safe level!

3. Social distance with smaller class sizes

In addition to zoom, we are all experts at social distancing. It’s encouraged everywhere we go and most places even have floor markers to measure out 6 feet. Knowing dancers need to be spread apart in 6 feet squares, naturally, classes need to be smaller in size. Using removable tape on your studio floors to tape off the 6-foot squares will also help you determine how many students can be in each classroom safely.

For the little dancers, it will feel like a game! They get their very own square or ‘stage’ to dance on for the class. How fun is that!?!

Ready to get your child started in dance classes? There’s no better time than now!

4. Wearing masks and face coverings

In North Carolina, masks are required when you cannot social distance. But it’s very common to walk into a restaurant here with a mask on but you can remove it as long as you are at your table. Similar rules apply here at the studio.

Dancers wear their masks inside until they get to their social distancing square in their class then they can pull their mask down and leave it under their chin. If they need to come out of their square, they can quickly and easily pull their mask from under their chin to over their mouth and nose. And of course, they also pull it up when it’s time to leave the dance studio or head to their next class.

This has worked great for us because it allows dancers to breathe and enjoy their dance class while being as close to normal as we can get!

In South Carolina where our 2nd location is, the regulations are a bit different so masks are not required but some families choose to send their children in with masks and that is more than okay!

5. Process for exiting the building

Sometimes classes are ending at the same time as other classes are beginning. Having a strategy that allows for a safe exit for those that are done for the day is important. Each dancer is walked to their next class or the correct exit door by their teacher or assistant to ensure that each dancer makes it to the right adult!

Finding the right dance studio to accommodate what your family is looking for is very important. We would love to have you join the MSDA family and experience the joy of a safe and fun dance studio!

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